Extrafine Merinowool T-shirt YOUR MAJESTY LINE
Extrafine Merinowool T-shirt YOUR MAJESTY LINE

Your Majesty Line Collection Your Right to Eco Luxury

With our Pepper Vally “YOUR MAJESTY” line show that luxury and fashionable does not mean having to compromise on environmental respect.  If there is one fabric that brings luxury style, performance and nature together in perfect harmony, it’s merino wool.

Naturally elegant, odor and wrinkle resistant, soft and climate adaptable, when wearing your merino wool garment, you are enjoying the benefits of years of evolution. Merino sheep of New Zealand, can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 C° up to +35 C° effortlessly, thanks to the unique traits of their wool.

As much as 35 per cent of microplastics in the marine environment are fibers from synthetic clothing, an amount that continues to increase. In the contrary, natural fibres such as wool readily biodegrade, offering a less impactful solution. Even more if your garment is manufactured on demand, without stock overproduction, you enjoy a special item made in the time and by the way you need it, this results to maximize the benefits for our ecosystem.

Enjoy in Your Majesty Line our top qualities such as 100% superfine merino wool, 100% extrafine merino wool, 100% pure cashmere.


Original & Inspired Contemporary Design, Advanced-Tech, High-Quality, Organic & Sustainable Fabric, No Mass Production, Ethical Labour, Local & Clean Production

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