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2004 Wool Cotton Coatigan Edgar AENAE MOVEMENT FW COLLECTION’

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Wool Cotton Coatigan Edgar is the minimal cardigan that will follow your multitasking everyday life. It has a detachable inside cardigan with snap buttons for additional warmth, made from alpaca wool.  A bordeaux trimming gives an extra elegant hint, while an elastic cord is used for neck adjustment. The pattern is exclusively made for this garments line and with this freestyle black gray pattern is well paired with all colours and all styles. The seamless hood, front zipper with leather puller and its straight line compose a classy urban style, suitable over suit-jackets as also athleisure sets. Made from fine merino wool and cotton blend is light, warm, easy to store with anti-wrinkle properties and easy to care in the washing machine (follow cleaning instructions in care label).  Invisible merino wool pockets to keep your hands “invisible” warm. We use a sustainable knitting manufacturing process of zero waste, meaning it is knitted to shape using an advanced programming of the knitting machine. Wool is used to secure natural warm feel, while leaving your body to “breath”. From our ‘AENAE MOVEMENT’ collection to be always stylish “on the move”.

FABRIC & CARE  Wool Cotton Coatigan Edgar                                                        

  • Composition: 31% fine merino wool, 30% cotton, 31% acrylic low pilling, 8% polyester
  • Designed and Made in Greece


ITEM MEASUREMENTS Wool Cotton Coatigan Edgar 

  • Loose Fit. It has loose fit and 2 sizes. Take in mind that size L covers Small, Medium and Large sizes and XL covers Large, XLarge according our size matching.
  • *Model is 178 cm and wears a size S

Available in sizes:



Length: 90 cm

Please take in mind that all Pepper Vally items are knitted and have a “flexible” fit structure, based on loops, met in knitting technology, so some measurements may vary from given in an acceptable frame.

COLOURS Wool Cotton Coatigan Edgar 



-The flat-technology garments ensures minimum waste fabric. Use of only certified yarns with optimized spinning processes ensures sustainable development in methods and materials.

-Fabric is designed and manufactured by PEPPER VALLY in Greece, using ONLY CERTIFIED yarn suppliers of fair trade. This innovative knitwear construction used in this piece, blend a high content of natural fibre Wool with Acrylic and Cotton with Polyamide for easy care, biodegradability and natural warm feel. Sustainable approach in all steps from yarn to garment, innovation in functionality and original design is the core of PEPPER VALLY.

-‘AENAE MOVEMENT’ line is inspired by the Greek quote and ‘philosophy of Heraclitus’ where everything flows and nothing remains still. In an era where everything rapidly changes, the need to keep the good things of the past and to find a personal map of interpreting the new is becoming the only way to keep going and change for good.

-Knitting is becoming futuristic concerning techniques, extra features and uses; this functional line ensures movement freedom, as also elegance and unconventional but still easy to adjust to everyday reality styles, keeping the originality, quality and respect to environment and people.


Before wash it in the washing machine, detach the inner part and put it in a delicate bag. This garment can be cold machine-washed but please be careful with other clothing that has been washed in the machine, as the natural fibres will attract any excess lint. Do not tumble dry. Our products are manufactured for optimal performance, but take in mind that natural fibres have shorter length than synthetic fibres and a tendency to pilling, while ensuring breathability of your body in contrary to synthetics. See below more about pilling and how to take care. Take care on sharp objects, nails and jewelery when wearing knitted products, so not to catch and pull the yarns.

Pilling* is caused by rubbing during wear and, although it can occur in any parts of the sweater, the most common areas are around the elbows, armpits, sleeves, belly and the sides of the sweater where, during wear, the arms of the garment are constantly coming into contact with the body of the sweater.

Because pilling is so complex, nobody can guarantee that it won’t occur, but there are a number of ways to prevent pilling. There are also methods to remove pills if they have been formed.

How to prevent pilling when wearing wool

  1. Turn your wool clothes inside-out before washing
  2. Avoid using a fabric softener
  3. Try to minimise abrasion when wearing wool clothing

How to remove pilling in 3 easy ways

  1. If not too many pills have been formed then they can easily be removed by hand. This should be done routinely after drying, or just prior to ironing.
  2. A comb can be used to remove pills, but this should be done very gently and carefully.
  3. Small battery operated pill and lint removal devices known as either “de-pillers” or “fabric shavers” are low cost and very effective at removing pills, giving your clothing an as-new appearance again.

How to understand which wool is better?

  1. Use longer fibres**
  2. Use the highest twist factor you can handle
  3. Use fabrics with a higher cover factor

**Different types of wool

Not all wool is the same. Some wool is softer than cashmere, while others are hardier and more resilient, suitable for carpets and bedding. Wool can be divided into three main categories, based on the micron (diameter) of each fibre. One micron is equal to one millionth of a metre and fibre length is recorded in millimetres – these are the main measurements which determine the quality and use of the wool.

  • Fine: Wool with the finest micron comes from Merino sheep and is used for high-quality, soft-handling fabrics and knitting yarns. Fine wool is highly valued by the world’s leading fashion houses and is the hero ingredient of many Woolmark collaborations. The finest/smaller the micron, it classifies merino wool to fine, extrafine, superfine and ultra fine.
  • Medium: Medium micron wool can be produced from a type of Merino or produced by crossing one breed with another (crossbreeding). Medium wools are used in a variety of woven apparel cloths, knitting yarns and furnishings.
  • Broad: Many different sheep breeds produce broader wools. Often these breeds are known as dual-purpose breeds because they are farmed with equal emphasis on meat and wool. Broad wool is useful for products such as carpets because of its strength and durability.

The average micron of human hair is between 50 to 100 micron. Merino wool is generally less than 22 micron, which shows just how soft this premium fibre is.

Natural versus synthetic fibres

Natural fibres are produced by animals (wool) and plants (cotton) as fibrous materials that can be spun into yarn. Characteristics of natural fibres are that they:

  • Serve a purpose in nature;
  • Are produced by a living organism; and
  • Grow spontaneously, without need for human intervention.

Synthetic fibres are derived from fossil-fuelled/petroleum-based oils.

*Find more information about wool features and care in https://www.woolmark.com/

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