Your Majesty V-Line


Your Majesty V-Line – The technique of knitting fine gauge flat-technology garments ensures minimum waste fabric. Use of only certified yarns with sustainable oriented spinning processes ensures less polluting development in methods and materials.

Pepper Vally uses exclusively certified with Oeko Tex Standard 100 yarns.  We make a significant effort to find the best viable solution to combine mainly natural yarns, sustainable manufacturing processes with circular orientation in the textile creation and easy to buy and care products for keeping the eco-luxury features of “Your Majesty” collection. We try to put also design and crafted details high in order to make desirable items for you, although manufacturers take” command” from each one of you, meaning the market need.  So as long as you choose to buy wisely, by researching your information channel, by asking the manufacturers who made your clothes and what is this material or/and certification used, you contribute to new sustainable and transparent paths in textiles and fashion to have at the end a natural, sustainable, fair but still AFFORDABLE for you garment.

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