Color analysis

Color analysis and harmony of colors

The natural coloring of each person, like the skintone, hair and eye color determine its harmonic colors.  Color analysis method studies and analyses these natural characteristics, which define the color type of each person.

The basic color types are four and they borrowed their names from the four seasons of the year, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  They also divided in subcategories.

Every color type has a particular color palette with specific hues, tones and contrasts.  For example, color type Winter looks better with pure red and all reds with cool tone like bordeaux.  Color type Spring is better to wear bright red and coral-red.  To color type Summer is not suitable the pure/primary red but bordeaux and watermelon color.  Color type Autumn looks wonderful with warm, blurry reds like terracotta, rusty red and orange red.

The German Colorist Johannes Itten, professor and co-founder of the famous Bauhaus school in Weimar  in the early 1900΄s was the first to observe that his art students gravitated naturally to the hues that complemented their own natural coloring.

Pepper Vally uses this specialized and innovating method to the clothes color combinations; and collaborates with a color analysis specialist that will inform and guide you with some color analysis tips. So color yourself fearless with Pepper Vally!

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