img Beachwear Collection
img Beachwear Collection

Beachwear Collection Summknit Special from Greece

Find in the Beachwear Collection our signature Maiadros and Mediteraneo beachtowel-pareo-tunic in: white–sunset, white-sea & sun, blue–Mexican, black–Honolulu,  white-Greek and black-Forest colors. Beachtowel – pareo -tunic made from 100% hydrophil and absorbent Cotton, Eco friendly, Zero waste and biodegradable. Natural comfortable and ideal to use as a pareo, tunic or shawl. Double face multiple colours jacquard technique with accreditied yarn dye and best colour fastness. Easy cleaning and machine washable. Patent idea, fabric design and local production from Pepper Vally.

img Beachwear Collection

Original & Inspired Contemporary Design, Advanced-Tech, High-Quality, Organic & Sustainable Fabric, No Mass Production, Ethical Labour, Local & Clean Production

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