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TRUTH Coffee Shop In Cape Town, South Africa

As the name suggests, Truth is a coffee company with strong and transparent beliefs. The company thrives to challenge convention and mediocrity endeavouring to provide the very best coffee which can be enjoyed in inspired surroundings. Metal piping and old machinery give the impression that something special’s being created here, and that is the truth (pun intended) because the coffee that is created and served stems from a passion for the exquisite beverage itself and getting the maximum enjoyment from drinking it. The design focuses around a cast iron vintage roaster drum; the cast iron gives off radiant and convective heat making for a stronger flavoured coffee than other coffees brewed in the more common steel drums introduced in the seventies, and it is this attention to detail that is key to this coffee joint. The stripped wooden floors and the metal girders, mesh and lighting, casually hanging to enhance the space, create an exciting and industrial feeling that’s almost like stumbling into a  secret members club from a bygone era hidden in a warehouse.

The True Price of Cheap Fashion

“In the short-term, garment workers and certain ecosystems are paying the price for cheap fast fashion. In the long-term, we all will!” – Sarah Ditty, The Ethical Fashion Forum

by Eleanor Dunne
Today fashion consumers expect retailers to produce garments that are in tune with what’s happening on the catwalks, the red carpet and the street. To satisfy this demand for the latest trends, high street retailers have increased the amount of clothes pouring into our stores to an unprecedented high, from two seasons a year to fifty in some cases. As well as wanting the most up to date looks, the consumer wants everything cheaper, and the high street complies, with average clothing prices decreasing yearly. But who or what is really footing the bill for our increasing appetite for fashion?

Sarah Ditty at The Ethical Fashion Forum puts it simply: “In the short-term, farmers, garment workers and certain ecosystems pay the price for cheap fast fashion. In the long-term we all will.” At every stage of the production chain, cheap fashion is wreaking havoc on our world. It begins with the raw materials, as Charlotte Turner from The Sustainable Angle explains: “The production of fabrics like cotton contribute to the poisoning of water streams from synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, and the loss of soil fertility and biodiversity caused by monocultures.” Man-made fibres are also putting pressure on our natural resources. Synthetic materials are often made from petroleum – about one cup of crude oil is used to make one polyester t-shirt. The labour conditions behind these materials need to be questioned as well. Cotton farmers in the developing world receive an unfairly low price for what is a valuable commodity. Uzbekistan – the second biggest producer of cotton in the world – forces tens of thousands of its citizens, including young children, to work in its cotton fields for little or no pay.


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Smart and quick color guides

Our company provides services to our clients for sales improvement according the “Color Analysis” method.


The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute defines cashmere as:

The fine (dehaired) undercoat fibers produced by a Cashmere goat (Capra hircus laniger). The Cashmere goat lives in Mongolia and Himalaya in 5000m Height.  To cope with the cold weather, it produces these exceptional undercoat fibers.  It is a luxurious yarn having unique characteristics:


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Nike Flyknit

Did you ever imagine yarn being an high tech design material? Nike Flyknit is an extraordinary new technology to create running footwear by knitting yarns. The idea was to create a shoe whit the characteristics of a sock, that is comfortable fit and light weight but, at the same time they want to guarantee Nike high performance standards.