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PEPPER VALLY PATENT INNOVATION SUMMER 2016 COLLECTION INDICAN The novelty of the current collection is based on extraordinary knitting-pattern techniques for producing a knitted fabric that imitates the loom-denim fabric. The outcomes is a soft and comfortable fabric reflecting in a total athleisure knitwear look, which still reminds the classic denim look . This approach…

Pepper Vally in UK


Спасибо большое за обратную связь и стремимся к очень успешным запуском на российском рынке. мы увидимся очень скоро …

About Micromodal

Botanic Silk by Edelweiss technology MicroModal® deserves the name of Edelweiss for it‘s eco-friendly production process. Edelweiss stands for the gentle treatment of the environment. The fiber is made of European beechwood and is completely natural. MicroModal® is CO2 neutral and is produced at the Lenzing site in Austria. Since the facility is fully integrated…

#FRSXXL:The biggest fashion gathering in Athens by OzonMagazine!

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Knitwear are also hot in spring!  Do not miss April issue of ELLE!

Εxpertly crafted to rejoice with all your senses!

Soon you will enjoy a similar knitwear experience, Stay tuned for our latest news… TRUTH Coffee Shop In Cape Town, South Africa As the name suggests, Truth is a coffee company with strong and transparent beliefs. The company thrives to challenge convention and mediocrity endeavouring to provide the very best coffee which can be enjoyed…

The True Price of Cheap Fashion

“In the short-term, garment workers and certain ecosystems are paying the price for cheap fast fashion. In the long-term, we all will!” – Sarah Ditty, The Ethical Fashion Forum by Eleanor Dunne Today fashion consumers expect retailers to produce garments that are in tune with what’s happening on the catwalks, the red carpet and the…

Smart and quick color guides

Our company provides services to our clients for sales improvement according the “Color Analysis” method.


The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute defines cashmere as: The fine (dehaired) undercoat fibers produced by a Cashmere goat (Capra hircus laniger). The Cashmere goat lives in Mongolia and Himalaya in 5000m Height.  To cope with the cold weather, it produces these exceptional undercoat fibers.  It is a luxurious yarn having unique characteristics:


Fall/Winter 2013/14 Campaign….find to the stores

Nike Flyknit

Did you ever imagine yarn being an high tech design material? Nike Flyknit is an extraordinary new technology to create running footwear by knitting yarns. The idea was to create a shoe whit the characteristics of a sock, that is comfortable fit and light weight but, at the same time they want to guarantee Nike…

Natural Dyeing

Almost everything in nature can be dyed. Every day we realize it when we stain with grass or black cherry; all this is heritage of mankind since many centuries that used it to color garments and daily objects. The natural colours for the dyeing of textiles have a plant origin (full plants or parts of…

Great Escapes On Planet Earth

Santorini, Cyclades islands, Greece. photo © Vasilis Tsikkinis.    

Upcoming Collection Campaign 2013/14 Upcoming Winter Collection 2013/14 STAY TUNED TO SEE OUR UPCOMING WINTER COLLECTION 2013/14!!! SCIENTICITY The inspiration is a minimalistic look with soft sculptural lines but one with innovation integrated into a “made by hand” approach. Multiple layer and multi gauges knitted fabrics mimicking the landscape of rock formations.

Explanation of care labelling for clothes

  Pepper Vally is accredited to use the care symbols labelling from GINETEX, with user-code: 2103

Upcoming collection campaign winter 2013-2014

Upcoming collection campaign winter 2013/14, stay tuned to see more!